Compose for Business

Includes all of our features plus unlimited boards and unlimited messages.

Teams of up to 2 members can use Compose for free with a 500MB storage limit cap.

Handwritten/whats included

Unlimited boards

Stay organized with as many boards as you need.

Unlimited messages

Share ideas and feedback with unlimited messages.

Threaded responses

Respond to other message responses with ease.

Pinned messages

Pin messages for quick and easy access.

On-demand emoji

React to messages and responses with emoji.

Enhanced text editor

Author messages with rich text and multimedia upload support.

User mentions

Mention team members in messages and responses.

Message statuses

Set a message status as Draft, Archived or Published.

Priority support

We're here for you when you need it with 24/7 tech support.

Frequently asked questions

Why Compose?

Communicating efficiently can be hard. This is especially true if your team is distributed. Not being able to accurately express your ideas through a conversation, chat-tool or video-based call can cause real problems for teams trying to achieve goals together.

Compose is a tool designed to embrace asynchronous communication, encouraged by long-form message and response. Combined with its organizational features, Compose lends a hand when your team needs to cast big ideas for all to review and respond to in a more collaborative way.

Can I try it free?

Yes! Teams of up to 2 can use Compose free forever. All other plans get a 14-day free trial. We require a credit card up front, but won't charge until your trial has ended. You'll get notified by email when your trial is about to lapse in case you don't want to proceed.

What do I get access to for subscribing?

As soon as you sign up, you and your team can begin using Compose immediately. We don't gate features based on plan type, so you'll have access to all features as a subscriber.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer a free tier for teams of up to 2 members. While we charge annually, every annual plan gets 2 months free forever. Are you a teacher or non-profit? Reach out for a custom quote.

Why don't you charge monthly?

We offer a 14-day free trial to help you determine if Compose works for your team. We think billing annually encourages teams to commit to their own internal goals of keeping communication more calm and thoughtful.

Can multiple teams within my organization join?

Yes. We built Compose with all organizations in mind. You may invite all your team members as a single team inside Compose or manage multiple teams if you work on many teams at a time. As a bonus, each user account has its own private Compose instance.

Should I use Compose combined with a chat-based communication tool?

Compose is designed to be a space for long-form asynchronous communication. It can easily be used as your team's main means of communication, but there may be times when you want to have it be accompanied by a chat-based tool, such as Slack.

Isn't this kind of like communicating via email?

For those who prefer using email for team communication, Compose is going to be right up your alley. Compose lays the landscape for long-form communication, similarly to email. However, email has many restrictions that Compose makes up for with its rich user experience and functions geared specifically toward team collaborations. With Compose, you never have to worry about a message getting buried or lost in a crowded inbox, you will always be organized and enjoy clarity with advanced editing capabilities. Try it for yourself to see how it compares!

How do you differ from Slack and G-Suite products where people can collaborate in real time?

Compose is entirely asynchronous and designed to promote the exchange of ideas to be shared, reviewed and responded to at each team member's own convenience, as to not interrupt each other's workflow. Real-time chat tools work well for casually checking in periodically and exchanging small bits of feedback at a time. Compose is best used when communicating about major product and business issues because it's designed to keep communication focused and thoughtful when working through important decisions.

What are boards?

Boards are a simple and familiar way to group messages and responses based on a particular subject. While their purpose is open-ended, we think boards are a good fit for teams within a team or areas of concern for your team's long-term goals. At Compose our Boards range from "Product" to "Marketing" and more.

I have another question

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